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We use cookies to optimise the experience on our websites. By continuing to use our website, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. This cookie policy provides information about the cookies and similar technologies used on our websites.

What are Cookies? 
A 'cookie' is a small text file that can be placed on your computer, mobile or other device when browsing a website. To improve our services, we sometimes collect de-identified information from web users. Although the information collected does not identify an individual, it does provide us with useful statistics that permit us to analyse and improve our web services.

When you visit our website, a record of your visit is logged and the following data is supplied by your browser: your IP address and/or domain name, your operating system (type of browser & platform), the date, time and length of your visit and the resources you accessed or downloaded.

We use this information to customise information for website visitors and to collect aggregated data for the purposes of analysis, quality control, administering and improving the website. It is not used for any other purpose.

Two kinds of cookies are used on our websites: session cookies and persistent cookies.

Session cookies are used to remember selections made in the booking process, giving you a more seamless booking experience on our websites. Session cookies are deleted automatically when you leave a website or close your browser.

Persistent cookies are used to help us identify customers when they return to our websites and help us remember certain information about customer preferences on our websites and customer online activity. These cookies also help us understand browsing behaviour within our websites, which can assist us in customising content that we believe will be most relevant to your interests. Persistent cookies are stored on the user's computer or device and are not deleted when the browser is closed - these cookies must be 'manually' deleted if you want to remove them.

First and third-party cookies

Aggregated data may be shared with third parties. You can stop your browser from accepting new cookies or disable cookies altogether by changing your browser preferences.

We set cookies (first party cookies) on web pages; however, where we require additional information and services, we also allow other companies to host cookies on our web pages (third party cookies). These partner companies have been carefully selected by thl and are monitored by us. Third party cookies that our partners set on our websites will support the customisation of advertisements viewed elsewhere on the internet and are required to meet contractual obligations they have with us.

The cookies used by thl are categorised into four groups (being those specified in the International Chamber of Commerce UK Cookie Guide published in April 2012):

Strictly Necessary cookies - these cookies are used for technical reasons and are necessary to enable our websites to operate efficiently so that visitors can navigate around our websites with ease and use specific features. These include, for example, cookies that enable you to log into secure areas of our websites, make a purchase or use e-billing services. If these cookies are blocked or disabled, some of the website's functions will not be available to you and you may not be able to use our online services. These cookies do not gather information about you that could be used for marketing.

Performance cookies - these cookies are used to obtain statistics about the number of visitors to our websites and how our visitors use our websites - for example, which pages are most popular. This information is aggregated and is not used to identify individuals. Such information allows us to continuously improve our websites to provide our customers with a better online experience (such as enabling users to find what they are looking for more easily). These cookies do not gather information about you that could be used for marketing.

Functionality cookies - these cookies are used to improve the functionality of our websites and make them easier for visitors to use. They help us to identify you as a repeat visitor to our websites and help us remember your preferences. These cookies help us remember your language preferences. The information collected by these cookies helps save you time and makes searching for the same travel requirements easier and quicker. We use the information about the previous travel and products you selected to present you with relevant offers next time you visit our websites.

Advertising/targeting cookies - these cookies are used to recognise you online and to gather information about your online activity and browsing habits (including the pages you have visited and the links you have followed, including from a thl electronic direct marketing message). We may combine such information with other personal information that we have collected about you (for example, through our websites) in order to create a user profile for you. These cookies, in combination with any user profile that we may create for you, assist us to make our websites and apps, and the advertising displayed on thl and third-party websites and on our apps more relevant to you (i.e. by helping us tailor our content, marketing communications, offers and advertisements to your interests). For example, we may use information about the previous travel and products you selected to present you with relevant offers the next time you visit our websites. These cookies may be placed on our websites by us or by carefully selected third parties on our behalf (with our permission), in order to help us to (i) track the effectiveness of advertising and online marketing campaigns, (ii) measure referrals from third party sites to our website, (iii) collect data about completed and abandoned bookings on our website and (iv) conduct market research. thl may share the information we learn through advertising/targeting cookies with third parties (including Facebook) for these purposes, unless you disable or block cookies.

How to control cookie settings on your computer

If you would like to block some or all of the cookies on our websites from being downloaded onto your computer or device, you can do this by manually adjusting the cookie settings on your internet browser. To learn how to manage the cookie preferences on your internet browser, click on the 'Help' menu on the internet browser.

If you choose to block some or all of the cookies on our website, parts of our website will not function correctly and may not function at all. This means that we may not be able to offer our web services to you. You may not be able to make a new booking or change an existing booking on our website. Also, you may not be able to complete other online transactions that would normally be available on our website for your convenience.  

How can I manage the use of cookies on this website?

All browser technologies enable you to manage the cookies in the cookie folder of your web browser. This means that you can either delete cookies from your cookie folder once you have finished your visit at our website or you can set your preferences with regard to the use of cookies before you begin browsing our website. Please note, as stated above, that deleting or rejecting cookies may adversely affect your user experience of our website.






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