Responsible Tourism

thl Sustainability Reporting

We are excited to bring you our second Sustainability Report and introduce you to our new look sustainability website We look forward to your feedback on it. This report shines some light on the environmental and social impacts of our activity as an industry, and for Tourism Holdings Limited thl as a company; the good, and the not so good, and our efforts to minimise the not so good, moving forward.

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Our reason for being

At thl our vision is to sustainably connect millions with personalised local experiences, leveraging our expertise in RVs and tourism globally. Our purpose is simple: to share the adventure of travel.

As a significant participant in the tourism industry we understand the impact we have on the countries in which we operate and the many communities with whom we engage.

We know that a traveller’s satisfaction depends on not only taking memories, but also on making positive impacts on communities and environment. Our focus is to continue to offer positive travel experiences in the future that benefit customers, communities and the company.

In action this means that we try and protect the environment and benefit the communities we touch through the experiences we offer, support ethical and fair practices that respect people and are financially rewarding for our crew and shareholders.

Our commitments

Responsible tourism is a logical extension of our vision and reason for being.

To ensure all our actions incorporate this long term view, we are using the Natural Step © framework to review our business plans and strategy. Through the framework we have established 5 core strategic areas that are vital to success of our business, our industry and the society we operate in: emissions, communities, our crew and culture, our industry, and our shareholders.

We also realise our responsibility extends beyond our business and industry and we have joined the Sustainable Business Network in New Zealand to work with them on our common goals.

We are establishing community collaboration projects, actively driving fuel efficiency and are investigating alternatives to fossil fuel. We are also introducing a stronger focus on educating our customers, crew and co-creators of the impacts around the experiences we offer. In the near future we will be integrating these non-financial measures into our annual reporting.

Some of our activities

Responsible Tourism and doing the right thing has been core to our business for a long time and this shows through our existing track record and current activities. Find out more about what we’re doing at

• Partnering “Leave No Trace Recreational Vehicle Code of Conduct” (AU)
• Eco Tourism Australia’s Nature Tourism certified (AU)
• Sponsor and distributor of Our Planet Travel magazine (AU)
• Committed to purchasing Euro 4 and Euro 5 Mercedes and VW chassis, providing the lowest emission rated campervans on the road.
• All applicable campervans in NZ are Certified Self-contained
• Strive for sustainable design in our branches and for example use recycled water where we can
• Pro-actively working towards road safety by implementing telematics and alert systems on all our fleet
• Joined the SBN Biofuel project to be pro-actively part of development and research into alternative fuels
• Founding member of the Responsible Camping Forum (NZ)
• Founding member of DriveSafe Forum (NZ)
• SAFED driver education for all our Kiwi Experience driver guides leading to safer driver and a minimum of 5% fuel efficiency improvement
• Kiwi conservation efforts by sponsoring a Kiwi encounter for our customers at the Rainbow Springs Kiwi Wildlife Park
• Kiwi Experience is actively participating in and contributing to community projects with the aim to go from 10 in 2015 to 27 (one in each stop) by 2017
• Waitomo Glowworm Caves is founded upon sustainable use and protection of the cave and its natural environment and is managed in conjunction with the Department of Conservation (DoC) and local Hapu
• The predominant material used for the Waitomo visitor centre is sustainably managed timber. This results in a low embodied energy structure which ‘locks in’ carbon. The roofing material which is made from teflon (ETFE) pillows covers the grid shell and is extremely durable, self-cleaning, recyclable and highly transparent to the full spectrum of sunlight.
• Close working partnership and significant sponsorship for the Foundation for Youth Development (FYD) test