Sponsorship Enquiries

thl are not currently supporting sponsorship enquiries for the remainder of FY20/21.

Tourism Holdings Limited Sponsorship Guidelines

Thank you for considering our brands for your sponsorship. All requests must include a completed sponsorship form. Please read the following guidelines before this.

Our Brands explained

thl regularly receives requests for support and sponsorship from a wide variety of sources. These can range from simple requests for raffle prizes, our vehicles at discounted rates to significant in-kind assistance supporting a major project, or event. Only proposals that are consistent with our core values and our brands will be considered for sponsorship.

Is your proposal the right fit?

We look for sponsorships that will help form positive associations with our brand of customers. In particular, we look for sponsorship properties that:
• Are consistent with our core values and brand positioning
• Deliver measurable opportunities
• Provide a dynamic platform for integrated communication
• Differentiate our brand from our competitors

What we don’t support

thl will not sponsor any controversial events or organisations, dangerous activities, initiatives with political or racial motivations or any initiatives in which a competitor is involved. Broadly, a sponsorship is any activity that benefits the wider community.

Please note:
• Charitable donations are not considered as sponsorship
• Advertising is not considered as sponsorship

Timing – Assessment and Notification

thl will assess all sponsorship proposals and respond within ten working days. Applicants will be notified in writing (where applicable) after a final decision is made. This form must be completed in order to submit your application.

Click here to download the sponsorship form. thl will not consider any submission without the completed form.