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Road Bear RV Rentals & Sales (USA)

Everyone has had the idea, at one time or another, to get an RV rental, starting a trip on one side of the United States and travelling to the other side of the country at a leisurely pace, stopping anywhere you want and staying as long as you want. At Road Bear RV rental & sales we can make it happen!

Road Bear RV has been in the RV rental and motorhome sales industry for 30 years and was purchased by thl in 2010.

Road Bear RV has the newest luxury RV’s in the North American industry and starting your carefree vacation with the exceptional customer service whether you buy or rent, is guaranteed.

Road Bear RV has 6 locations throughout the United States in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Denver, New York and Orlando.

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Maui Platinum

Maui Platinum 

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