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Britz Campervans, 4WDs and Cars

Britz campervans is the recognised leader in the Australian market and offers an alternative to Maui motorhomes.

The Britz philosophy is simple. If you don't need it, you don't pay for it, ensuring you challenge your boundaries - not your budget! This approach allows even more people to experience the wonderful world of motorhome travel.

Customers in New Zealand and Australia begin the selection of their Britz Campervan by choosing a two, four or six berth vehicle and then add the optional items they want. The less they add, the less they pay. While the prices are low, the quality is not!

Britz's slogan is 'no boundaries' and its customers are people who love to get off the beaten track to create their own adventures. A comprehensive, modern rental car fleet is also available in New Zealand and Australia.

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