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Kiwi Experience

Kiwi Experience has an attitude that sets it apart. Its a very Kiwi attitude - relaxed, hassle-free, easy-going and, well, real! Kiwi Experience is ideal for independent travellers who are young (or young at heart) and looking for adventure in one of the worlds most beautiful countries.

Kiwi Experience is a flexible hop on, hop off bus operation that allows travellers a whole year to complete their New Zealand journey stopping off en route to take in the sights, the activities and the people.




The Kiwi Experience network gets visitors off the beaten track and into the real New Zealand - Maori culture, bungy jumping, skydiving, hiking up a glacier, or experiencing any number of the other wonderful opportunities New Zealand offers and, of course, to party with their travelling mates! Kiwi Experience is exceptional value for money and the ultimate in flexibility and fun.

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