Work From Anywhere

All office base crew are invited to have 4 continuous weeks working from anywhere this January and February. This is all crew whose jobs do not require them to be in a particular location.

The only conditions are that it is subject to manager approval and working conditions must comply with all elements of our newly launched Remote Working Policy. The Remote Working Policy includes Health & Safety requirements, equipment, hours of work, security considerations, and an expectations framework for employee and manager.

Our crew will also be entitled to use a campervan for part of this time. This both supports a productive Work from Anywhere environment and provides a great opportunity for more people to get closer to our product and feedback into how we improve our customer experience!

How each person decides to Work from Anywhere is completely up to them. We have some great stories emerging - travelling by camper to exotic locations across New Zealand; staying with friends or family that they haven’t been able to see much this year given COVID-19; and some who are just choosing to stay local but appreciate the flexibility to spend more time at home.